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10 Essential Things to Look for in a Membership Management Platform - Copy (1)
Membership Organization unite like-minded people and involve them in meaningful and productive engagements. An active membership involves many processes and it can be extremely troublesome to juggle multiple applications. The challenge for the organizer lies in seeking a one-stop membership management platform that handles every function from A to Z. Organizers should be spending their valuable time on the important stuff, such as physically showing up for events and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. A solid membership management platform should serve like a dependable deputy - always ready to back you up and keep things moving.
10 Question Interview with William Yeack - Founder of
⁠Recently, we spoke with entrepreneur and founder William Yeack to get some insight into what it takes to build a technology from the ground up, how he keeps himself on track, and the mindset required to keep pushing - even when no one else is paying attention. ⁠frustrated at how hard various gaps in the market were making his attempts to streamline the management of his university's alumni club, this hedge fund manager turned consultant turned software engineer and tech guru built a platform that now helps tens of thousands of individuals and organizations remove the instability and grind from their daily lives. Beyond all of the late nights teaching himself how to code, the countless hours spent focusing on getting the details right from the start, and the periods of self doubt that accompany any creative endeavor, the thread has never been lost: how to create the best platform for people and groups to come together online.
5 Keys to Standing Out With Your Site Design
There are approximately 1.5 billion websites out there right now, with between 350 and 400 new sites launched every minute! That is a huge amount of content out there in the world, and it is growing all the time as more and more people get connected and share their thoughts, ideas, and businesses with oneanother. It may seem like an impossible ask to be noticed through all of that noise, but there are some very concrete ways that you can ensure that your site stands out among all of the riff-raff out there.
A Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which a website content is optimized to improve its organic search engine rankings. Organic search results are unpaid, and are based on a variety of factors.
A Guide to Customer Acquisition
Customer acquisition is the process by which a company attracts new customers to its business. The goal is to create a systematic, sustainable practices that can evolve with new trends in the market.
Bobronix Case Study uses Bobronix's JIRA WYSIWYG HTML editor to track issues in a way that has a consistent look and feel to match all of their other internal technology.
Choosing a Domain for your Website
Your choice for your website's domain can be extremely crucial. Having a quality domain will make your website much easier to find via a google search and to remember and navigate to directly via the address bar. So how do you make sure that your domain name is ideal? Here are a few guidelines for choosing your domain:
Creating a Website: Expectations vs. Reality
Every business needs an online presence these days. To stay relevant, individuals turn to social media, email newsletters, but primarily, the business website.
Fresh Design Updates to our Index and Display Pages
We’ve made some design updates to our native display and index pages!
How a Membership Management Platform Can Transform the Event Management Process
Running events is one of the most effective ways for organizations to raise funds, increase awareness and build relationships. However, anybody that has organized such an event will understand the challenges that can arise during the planning process. Whether it's a benefit concert, annual gala or 5K run, event management and organization can come with its fair share of stress and administrative headaches.
How to Edit your Images to be Consistent for your Website - Using Frames and Filters
Image Consistency to Stand Out in a Noisy World
How to Ensure a Healthy Work-Life Balance When Working From Home is the New Norm
How to Work from Home Stress-Free
How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
Email marketing campaigns are great ways to connect with your audience and promote your company’s content and products. Before launching into campaigns, you must think about what you want to achieve.
How to Start a Blog
Here's a guide that will teach you how to start your blog and grow through its initial phases, along with some suggestions for ways you can potentially earn money from your blog.
How to Start an Alumni Club
Alumni clubs are a great way to build friendships and connections with fellow alumni. They’re also a great way to discover career opportunities and support new alumni in your area. But what do you do if your college, fraternity, or other institution does not have an alumni club in your area? This guide will help provide some guidelines for creating and managing an alumni club. Case Study is a platform that allows you to create your own status page according to your vision. found their software to be exactly what they were looking for in terms of customization, style, interaction, and consistency. The dashboards provided to by alert their users, in real-time, the status of the site and all its pages.
Is Your Non-Profit Charity Blog Working?
Whether you are a seasoned blogger or an experienced fundraiser, collecting for charity via the internet requires a different strategy.  Here are a few guidelines to achieve success, specifically using a blog.
Media Monitoring for Non-Profits
It is an increasingly busy world, and maintaining awareness of worthy causes is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge. Increasingly nonprofits are turning to media monitoring companies; businesses that help organizations track public perception and increase the effectiveness of their appeals.
New Premium Features!
We launched new standard and premium features!
Planning a Successful Non-Profit Event Post Pandemic
Get back into the swing of things!
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