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Our team is composed of a wide range of people from a variety of backgrounds; all with a singular focus: to make the best group management platform on the planet.

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William Yeack Headshot

William Yeack

Founder and CEO

Yeack started Member.buzz to empower groups of people to come together and focus on their mission instead of their technology. As a long-time executive and active philanthropist, William knows first-hand the difficulties surrounding coordinating groups of people – whether it is building a business or funding a charity.

Under Yeack’s tutelage, Member.buzz is poised to reshape how individuals collaborate with each other towards a common goal. Group leaders will no longer be forced to cobble together a multitude of tools, platforms, and plugins to run their groups; instead they can do it all with Member.buzz.

Prior to Member.buzz, William was the founder of a New York hedge fund specializing in algorithmic trading strategies. In his spare time, Yeack enjoys living and traveling around the world with his wife Kristie, his son William Augustus, and his dog Odin.

William attended the University of St Andrews, the London School of Economics, and Stanford.

Kristie Louderman Headshot

Kristie Louderman

Business Director

Kristie Louderman, is a seasoned team leader who has implemented many technology projects from Healthcare Transformation to IT Systems Implementation. Prior to joining Member.buzz shes has experience working in the management consulting space and healthcare technology.

She is an alumnus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she was an active member of habitats of humanity and Delta Zeta Sorority.

Madison Yeack Headshot

Madison Yeack

Marketing Director

Madison heads up Member.buzz's west coast business strategy.

A Bay Area native, Madison is directly involved with several local nonprofits. She currently serves as a board member of Scholar Wine, a nonprofit which focuses on raising money to provide educational opportunities to exceptional students from adverse backgrounds.

Moreno Weilenmann Headshot

Moreno Weilenmann

Sales Manager

Moreno Weilenmann is a student majoring in International Business at the Amsterdam School of International Business, and an alumnus from the University of Miami.

During his educational and professional career, Moreno focusses on Business Development and Consulting. Being an international from the Netherlands, Moreno brings on valuable international experience to the team. In his spare time, he enjoys working out and practicing Krav Maga.

Aeron Brackenbury Headshot

Aeron Brackenbury

Marketing Manager

Aeron is Member.buzz’s events and marketing wizard. She has a deep and diverse understanding of marketing from a variety of business perspectives and a natural eye for design.

Aeron has helped to engineer Member.buzz's marketing automation platform, which is used to ensure new users find all of the information they need to get started using our platform.

Originally from London, she enjoys traveling back to Europe to visit her friends and family, a good glass of wine and delicious food.

Liana Notini Headshot

Liana Notini

Marketing Manager

Liana has honed her skills in operations and client services while working with top-tier publishers in the AdTech industry. Previously, she gained experience working with two other emerging technology startups.

She is a graduate of Skidmore College where she studied Business and Spanish.

Michael Joseph Headshot

Michael Joseph

Application Engineer

Michael Joseph is an experienced engineer who has worked at several early-stage startups. He specializes in cutting-edge front-end technologies and has experience with the Microsoft web development stack. He is very curious and is always learning new technology from more advanced aspects of UI programming with different frameworks, platforms, to other languages.

Having worked at a number of startups, his experience also includes roles from being a project manager, data architect, to a UX designer.

In his free time, he created products in 3D graphics engine programming and he is a passionate cook.

Dylan Wooters Headshot

Dylan Wooters

Application Engineer

Dylan has guided many large, complex software projects in several industries including finance, law, and publishing.He has deep knowledge of web and desktop development using the.NET framework, including C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, and AngularJS. He also has extensive experience with system integrations and data migrations using tools like BizTalk as well as custom SQL scripts. More recently, he has worked with the Ionic framework to create mobile apps for iOS, and has managed cloud infrastructure using AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Dylan attended the University of California at Berkeley.

Cary Conrad Headshot

Cary Conrad


Cary Conrad is an American business executive whose career has primarily been focused on providing on-demand network services in the Cyber Security Market. Conrad's Cyber Security Company, Message Secure Corporation, brought the first Secure Email service into the on-demand space with five other products following. This company served hundreds of financial service organizations from 1997 through 2007 when the company was ultimately sold to a partnership between Perimeter Internetworking, Goldman Sachs, and Bessemer Venture Partners.

After selling Message Secure Corporation Cary was part of a team that worked on an MBO of a public company based in Munich called Integralis. NTT was acquired through a strategic buyer, where Cary took an operating role with NTT as GM of the Americas. After leaving NTT in early 2013, Cary consulted with NTT running due diligence on a variety of acquisition targets. Notably, Cary ran due-diligence on Solutionary Inc. which was acquired by NTT in the winter of 2013 for over $200mm. Currently, Cary is investing in small companies and looking forward to assisting in operating IQ-Falcon.

Rob Matzkin Headshot

Rob Matzkin


Rob Matzkin is a serial entrepreneur with a proven history of success. Rob has been leading and guiding companies for the last 12 years, and is a persistent problem solver who flourishes on challenges. He specializes in innovation and focused on creating products that make a positive impact in the world.

Currently Rob is a Co-Founder and COO of myQuest.

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