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Membership Organizations unite like-minded people and involve them in meaningful and productive engagements. An active membership involves many processes, and it can be extremely troublesome to juggle multiple applications. The challenge for the organizer lies in seeking a one-stop membership management platform that handles every function from invoices to newsletters. Organizers should be spending their valuable time on the important stuff, such as physically showing up for events and ensuring that everything is running smoothly. A solid membership management platform should serve like a dependable deputy – always ready to back you up and keep things moving.

Membership Website

Every group should have its own website. This is the online space where important information is made readily available. Here, members are privy to the latest happenings, upcoming events, membership fees, and much more. Your website should also provide a clear message to potential members. Your mission, goals, and identity should shine through to entice prospects.

It's ideal to include a communication channel that enables members to connect with organizers (query form plug-ins may suffice, but a space where everyone can connect is even better). Website hosting is sometimes seen as an issue. Organizers may weigh the pros and cons. They might question pricing if a membership sees limited activity. The solution? Look for a free platform to get started that will help ensure that your membership sees enough action!

And of course, mobile-friendliness is a must as most members are probably going to access your website on the move. A website with limited activity is unappealing and depletes membership numbers, so you have to provide content regularly to keep your site alive. Adding attractive social media handles (linked to active social media accounts, of course!) will also help with site traffic to keep your membership going strong.

Invoicing & Payment

You'll need a system to manage both subscriptions and the ticket fees for your events. Payment platforms enable payment requests, invoicing, and receipt management functions for systematic bookkeeping.

Membership Management

A CRM (customer relationship management system) is a space to manage your members and prospects contact information. CRMs enable organizers to track membership activities. An effective CRM system may provide automated membership payments for easier management.

Event Management

An intuitive platform is used to plan events and manage ticket sales, event management platforms provide a better understanding of turnouts and follow-up responses.

Auction Management

Auction provides members of non-profit groups to bid for a cause. An auction management system is used to track bidder information, pricing and payment procedures.


Timed newsletters will keep members informed on the latest happenings. A mailing list will enable systematic planning and scheduling of newsletters to avoid missing a post.

Payments Tracking

Membership funds can be closely monitored with a payments tracking software. Such programs provide organizers with an expenditure breakdown for improved funding processes.


Writing articles with fresh and entertaining content will keep members interested in the long-term. A blogging platform should be user-friendly and accessible from any mobile device. Advanced formatting features should be available to help organizers come up with more engaging content.


Online forms are effective touch points. Members have the opportunity to provide valuable insights and recommendations to improve membership practices. Forms may be built from scratch by combining digital components, such as check boxes and fields.

A Comprehensive Solution

We know what you're asking yourself: where in the world are you going to find a platform that incorporates every one of these features? That's where we come in.

Member.buzz is a free-to-use platform that serves as a one-stop solution for your membership management needs. It provides every feature listed above, and more...all in one unified Space! 

Member.buzz has everything you need to improving your membership management practices. It doesn't matter whether you're representing a social club, alumni organization, or non-profit institution. We're here to make it easier to create event pages, sell tickets, and have a Space to share updates with your community. Member.buzz is a simple, intuitive, and powerful platform. We're constantly improving our platform and services because we value your feedback. We're working toward a w1) orld where membership management becomes and easy and enjoyable process.

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