How a Membership Management Platform Can Transform the Event Management Process

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Running events is one of the most effective ways for organizations to raise funds, increase awareness, and build relationships. However, anybody that has organized such an event will understand the challenges that can arise during the planning process. Whether it's a benefit concert, annual gala, or 5K run, event management and organization can come with their fair share of stress and administrative headaches.

A membership management platform can be a vital tool for non-profit and membership-based associations that rely on events and member donations as their primary marketing and fundraising sources. But with so many solutions available, how do you go about selecting the best one for your organization? In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits that membership management platforms have to offer, especially in the area of event management.

Why Use a Membership Management Platform?

The best membership management solutions are built to handle a wealth of tasks, including managing event schedules, collecting membership dues, and handling membership levels and benefits. These all-in-one management solutions can provide immense value and take care of most of the day-to-day administration that is involved with running a nonprofit or membership-dependent organization. By investing in the right product, you can trust your solution to automate many processes so you can focus on the core activities.

Event Management and the Value of a Membership Management Platform

Once you have decided that a membership management platform might be a smart choice for your organization, it's time to select a solution that suits your needs. This can be a little daunting given that there are many products available, but to help you we have put together a list of some of the most valuable event management features you should look out for.

Audience Engagement

One of the biggest tasks for an event organizer is generating exposure for an event. A good MMS platform will make the process of audience engagement so much easier with a suite of specially-designed tools and features. Look for a platform that offers customized newsletters, forms, photo galleries, blog posts, integrated videos, and more so that you can manage your event promotion and community engagement tasks in one place.

Event Registration

Once you've got the attention of your target audience, you need a solution that makes event registration and ticket sales a breeze. Look for an MMS solution that allows you to set up user-friendly registration pages that can be accessed from any device. The easier you make it for prospects to sign up for an event, the more likely they are to do so.

E-Commerce Built-In

One of the biggest benefits that an event management platform has to offer is the management of all financial transactions in one place. From selling tickets and collecting donations to gathering membership dues automatically, an MMS with these features built-in will save you so much time and effort. In today's connected world, this is also what your members expect as standard.

Budget Management

With the right solution in place, you'll never experience your budget running away from you again. Look for a platform that allows you to track budgets and expenses and which offers financial reporting features.

Manage Vendors and Suppliers with Ease

When you are running an event, managing vendors can be quite a struggle. Choosing a membership management platform that requests and sends invoices to suppliers can save you a great deal of time. Bonus points if you can find one that let's you keep information on your vendors with an online Contacts list or CRM!

Good Membership Communication

Whether you are raising awareness of an event or reporting on an event just passed, a membership management solution can help you to keep all members informed about your organization's latest news. From email marketing to SMS and direct mail options, the more you can do to make members aware of what is going on with your organization, the more they will feel a part of it. A good communication feature can also assist with the onboarding of new members, sending them automated 'welcome' emails, and sharing information about the organization.

Membership Information At-A-Glance

Another great benefit of a membership management solution is that it allows you to keep all member contact and membership details in one place. Create mailing lists, manage donations and memberships, and update personal details with ease. If you are currently doing this using outdated software or even paper, you won't believe what a transformation a membership management platform can make.

Easy to Learn and Intuitive

Another important consideration when choosing the right solution for your organization is that it is easy for everybody to learn and use. A clunky, slow and confusing platform (and trust us, they do exist) will add more pain to already painful processes and will have you feeling stressed with no one to guide you. To avoid this, look for a cloud-based, intuitive and innovative solution, with multiple avenues for customer support.

Discover the Benefits of a Membership Management Platform for Yourself

If you are currently struggling to stay on top of event management or managing members and communications, why not bring all of these tasks into one place with a membership management platform? In doing so, you'll save time, save money, offer better on-demand service to members, increase event registration, and improve the accuracy and availability of your data. You'll also have more time for focusing on actually planning your event and ensuring that it is a runaway success. And with a system that offers in-depth reporting and management, you will be able to repeat that success over and over.

How Can Help

To find out more about a membership management platform that can transform the way you do event management, take a closer look at This innovative and intuitive membership management solution offers all of the features and benefits discussed in this article, plus many more. Remember, with the right solution in place, you can eliminate most of the day-to-day event management administration that takes up your time and takes you away from the core operations of your organization.


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