Our roadmap represents a high-level overview of planned functionality coming to our platform (See our changelog for what has already been released). Since features are continually reprioritized based on the feedback that we receive from our users, we do not publish information on when new functionality will arrive to our platform.

If you want to know when we are planning on releasing a specific piece of functionality, you can contact us directly and we will do our best to provide you with an estimate. You can also suggest a feature or report a bug, you can submit a request.


The products module will allow Spaces to turn their Member.buzz Space into a general e-commerce platform.


The newsletters module will allow Space organizers to send out communications to their members.

Contact CRM

Manage relationships with potential customers and others from your dashboard.

Card Reader

Accept money at the door of your events with our physical card reader.


Create and manage silent and live auctions.

Analytics Dashboards

See the activity and other analytics on your Space from your Dashboard.

Group Collaboration

Work with your team to help your organization thrive!

Menu Builder

A new way to control and build your Space's menu.

Designer Versioning

This will automatically restore it to the last version that you were working on, if your browser crashes.

Image Carousels

Ability to insert an image carousel (slide show of multiple images) into the designer.


Create moderated community forums.

Designer Modules

Dynamic content added into the designer.

Hierarchical Spaces

Link spaces together in hierarchies; sharing content and permissions.

Contact Sharing

Ability for users to organize contacts and share them with other spaces.

Space Templates

A set of pre-defined templates will be created for new Spaces.


Create new votes and collect responses.