Member.buzz regularly releases new features and updates to our platform. For a high-level overview of what's coming next, see our Roadmap. Our last release was on September 1, 2021.

February 2021

Member Directory and Improved Dashboard FeaturesVersion 5.04

We have released new features focused on helping our Platform more intuitive, fun, and easy to use.

Membership DirectoryFEATURE

A localized hub for the Members of a Space to see and interact with all other Members.

Cyclical MembershipsFEATURE

Added a new membership option for cyclical memberships.


Connect your Member.buzz Space with other applications, such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Bing Ads, and Google Ads.

Notifications DashboardFEATURE

Organizers can now view all notifications sent from their Space to their Members.

Scrollable MenuFEATURE

Created the ability for a menu to scroll horizontally if it is too wide.

Profile BannersFEATURE

Added a banner upload to the Profile Dashboard.

Column ReorderingFEATURE

Columns on most tables throughout the platform can now be reordered.

Automatic Invoice RemindersFEATURE

Added automated reminders for unpaid invoices.

Global DiscountsFEATURE

Added a discount that has no date or variation specified.

Custom Invoice FieldsFEATURE

Added the ability to create custom fields to invoices.

Transactions Dashboard ExportingFEATURE

Added the ability to export Transactions to Word, PDF, Excel, or CSV.

Custom SlugsFEATURE

Added the option to create custom URLs on Space content.

Dashboard CustomizationFEATURE

Any customizations made on a table (e.g. sorting, filtering, or visible columns) are automatically saved for each Member.

Reordering Custom Field OptionsFEATURE

Added the ability to reorder options for custom fields.

Restore Deleted ContentFEATURE

Added the deleted tab to the settings dialog, allowing Organizers to recover deleted content.

Designer Copy/Paste ImprovementsBUG

Fixed a variety of scenarios affecting pasted content into the designer.

Video Player ImprovementsBUG

Improved functionality of our video player when using YouTube as a source.

June 2020

Recurring Memberships, Membership Invitations, and Popup DialogsVersion 5.03

Implemented automatically renewing Memberships, private Membership Invitations, and settings dialogs.

Membership InvitationsFEATURE

Send an Invitation to a Member to register with a Membership that is not publicly available on your Space.

Recurring Membership RenewalFEATURE

Automatically charge Membership dues.

Settings DialogsFEATURE

Added the ability to have a popup settings dialog instead of having to navigate to a different page.

Custom Color PalettesFEATURE

Adds a customizable color palette that can be used in the Designer.


Enabled tagging Content and Members to organize them into groups.

Square Profile PicturesBUG

The aspect ratio of profiles pictures is automatically fixed when uploaded.

Image Search ErrorBUG

Fixed an error that occurred when searching for an image in the upload dialog.

September 2019

Usability and Support ImprovementsVersion 5.02

Added integrated support workflow, basic contact management, and implemented numerous usability improvements.

Performance ImprovementsFEATURE

Rewritten backend framework to increase performance by over 300%.

Support Request ManagementFEATURE

A new area in each Space's Dashboard allows for the creation of a support request, directly connecting users with a representative from the Member.buzz Team.

User Interface ImprovementsFEATURE

Created a variety of improvements to help the platform be easier to understand and use.

Simplified Venue and Invoicee CreationFEATURE

Simplified the creation of Events and Invoices by changing the Venue / Invoicee dropdown to a simple text field.

Contact ManagementFEATURE

Added the ability to manage contacts from within a Space.

Edited Form WarningFEATURE

A warning will be shown to a user when they try to close a tab if there is an incomplete form on the page.

Image Uploader PerformanceBUG

Dramatically improved the performance of the image uploader and Gallery Dashboard.

Incorrect Action Button LinkBUG

When viewing the page referred to by an action button, the link was rendering incorrectly.

April 2019

Guest Checkin, Manage Credit Cards, and Export OptionsVersion 5.01

Added ability to manage the cards associated with your account, created a guest checkin page, and added additional formats for exporting tables.

Guest CheckinFEATURE

Added new functionality to checkin guests.

Additional Export TypesFEATURE

Added basic support for exporting data to Excel, Word, and PDF.

Form Submission NotificationFEATURE

A purpose-built notification has been created for form submissions.

Customize Action ButtonFEATURE

Added ability to customize the action button appearing on a space's menu.

Manage Credit CardsFEATURE

Ability to add a credit card to an account.

Membership Discount ErrorBUG

Fixed error with creating a discount for a membership level.

Event Permission ErrorBUG

Fixed error thrown when attempting to set the permissions associated with an event.

February 2019

Performance Improvements and Usability FixesVersion 5.00

Worked through reported issues to streamline existing functionality.

Account Communication PreferencesFEATURE

Ability to opt-out of notifications and newsletters.

On-Demand Changelog LoadingFEATURE

Loads images from the changelog on-demand.


Created a new area of the splash page for press.

Designer Clipboard IssuesBUG

Mailto was being included in the input of the popup dialog.

Transfer RoutingBUG

Fixed issue with transfer routing.

GIF Uploading in DesignerBUG

Consolidated designer uploads, allowing GIFs to be uploaded.

December 2018

Group Absorbed Fees and Support Experience RevampVersion 4.09

Added an option for groups to absorb transaction fees rather than passing them onto their Members and revamped our Support Experience.

Changelog PopupFEATURE

Easily access information on newly released features and fixes via the Changelog Popup in the Navigation Bar.

Dynamically Generated Sitemap and Robots.txtFEATURE

Sitemaps and Robots.txt are now dynamically generated for each Space based on its content (See SEO).

Fields, Discounts and Permissions for All Content TypesFEATURE

Consistently added menus for Fields, Discounts and Permissions to Articles, Events, Forms and Memberships.

Move Slice CommandFEATURE

Added a toolbar item to the Designer to move slices up and down without having to recreate it.

Group Absorbed FeesFEATURE

Allows groups to absorb transaction fees from their side of the revenue.

Support and Documentation RedesignFEATURE

Created a new layout for Support Guides and created all initial documentation pages.

Support ChatFEATURE

Added support chat to Support Sites.

Fixed Link Dialogs for Email AddressesBUG

Mailto was being included in the input of the popup dialog.

Error while Changing Article AuthorsBUG

Fixed an error that occurred when changing the author of an existing article.

November 2018

Designer Features and FixesVersion 4.08

Fixed a variety of bugs and implemented additional basic functionality.

Toggle ControlFEATURE

Implemented a toggle switch control.

Disable Default Content TitleFEATURE

Ability to disable the automatically generated content title.

Selectable Icons/EmoticonsBUG

Icons should be selectable and resizable in the Designer.

July 2018

Form Features and Event Dashboard RedesignVersion 4.07

Added additional form types and consolidated the Event Dashboard into a single page.

Advanced Form EditorsFEATURE

Created a variety of new form field types.

Consolidated Event and Form DashboardsFEATURE

Combined the Event and Form Dashboard into single pages.

Button Progress AnimationFEATURE

Animated icons showing progress.

June 2018

Custom Forms, Grid Reordering and DiscountsVersion 4.06

Ability to create native forms, reorder grids through dragging and upload a variety of content into the Explorer.

Custom FormsFEATURE

Custom forms can be created on the Dashboard and collected from Members or Visitors.

Reordering of Tickets, Menus and FieldsFEATURE

Added the ability to reorder rows of several different grids.

Additional Upload TypesFEATURE

Added ability to upload a variety of file types into the File Explorer, including Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets.


Discount can now be added and linked to specific Members or Memberships.

Improved Designer Copy/PasteFEATURE

Created custom framework for handling copy/paste from a variety of sources.

Improved Designer Undo/RedoFEATURE

Created custom framework for handling undo/redo.

Gather Custom Fields on CheckoutFEATURE

Added custom fields to the checkout form.

March 2018

Permission and Role EditorVersion 4.05

Implementation of Module Role and Post Permissions editors.

Simplified Capabilities FrameworkFEATURE

Removed extraneous permissions and roles.

Role and Permissions EditorsFEATURE

Created editors to assign Roles and Permissions.

Thumbnail RegenerationBUG

Created utility to regenerate thumbnails on uploaded images and videos.

January 2018

Custom Fields, Taxonomies, and CapabilitiesVersion 4.04

Inclusion of custom fields in relevant forms and exports and ability to create custom taxonomies.

Improved Email TemplatesFEATURE

Redesigned email templates with additional information.

Email Rendering EngineFEATURE

Emails are now sent using an asynchronous engine, improving performance.

Email Stakeholder RecipientsFEATURE

Notifications will now be sent to content stakeholders (e.g. Space Owners, Event Managers).

Custom TaxonomiesFEATURE

Ability to create custom taxonomies from the Member Settings Dashboard which will then be displayed in the Profile Dashboard, Member Dashboard, Signup and Renewal pages.

Improved Button StylingBUG

Improved styling of disabled buttons so that they could be better distinguished from enabled buttons.

Automatic Ticket ExpirationBUG

Tickets will now be able to be purchased up to three days following an event.

Designer Image UploadingBUG

Fixed a bug causing image uploading to break on several pages in the Dashboard.

November 2017

Custom Field DashboardsVersion 4.03

Ability to add custom fields to user profiles and content.

Field DashboardFEATURE

Additional Dashboard pages were added to allow for the creation of custom fields on Members Profiles and Events.

Settings DashboardFEATURE

Each module now has it's own Settings Dashboard manage any settings specific to that Module.

Membership DashboardFEATURE

A separate Membership Dashboard was created to create and manage Membership Levels.

Event Transaction RefundBUG

Fixed issue where Spaces with no account balance is unable to refund a free ticket.

Event Notification FailureBUG

Fixed a bug which caused Event Notifications to fail in some circumstances.

October 2017

Selection Engine ImprovementsVersion 4.02

Improved framework for reading and manipulating the client-side selection of the designer.

Resizable and Draggabe ImagesFEATURE

Images should be client-side resizable.

Designer SearchFEATURE

Implemented Quick Search and Search and Replace functionality.

Heading and Font Size LogicBUG

Improved font size manipulation and heading logic.

Toolbar Command Fixes and Tag ConsolidationBUG

Improved functionality of toolbar commands and consolidation of superfluous tags.

July 2017

Routing and PrivacyVersion 4.01

Implemented privacy options, new domain routing and fixed designer bugs.

Redirect Secondary DomainFEATURE

If you have mapped multiple custom domains, anyone going to your non-default domain will be redirected to your default domain.

Social LinksFEATURE

Profiles and spaces should be able to be associated with the URLs of social sites.

Private Posts and MenusFEATURE

Added ability to hide individual posts and menus from non-members.

Documentation and Support Mobile SitesFEATURE

Vastly improved the mobile version of the Documentation and Support sites.

Background BannersBUG

Fixed a bug in the designer that was causing the background banners to disappear.

May 2017

Templates, Comments and WalkthroughVersion 4.00

This release represents the first publicly available version of our platform and includes a variety of features and fixes.


Our newly launched Documentation Site provides users with detailed information on how to use the site.

Content InfrastructureFEATURE

We have implemented a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that the platform loads quickly.

Status PageFEATURE

This page indicates whether Member.buzz is operating normally. Any outages will be recorded here. Users can also view the status of each part of the website.


We have also launched the beta of our Support Site, used to ask questions, submit new ideas and view our support documentation.


Users can now comment on posts made by members on the site.

Profile PicturesFEATURE

Users can now select profile pictures that will appear next to their name.

Site WalkthroughFEATURE

When users first signup for a site, they will be taken through the Site Walkthrough which helps users get started managing their content.

Image ResizingFEATURE

Users can now change the size of any individual picture by choosing its width. To do this, select the image and enter the desired width in pixels.

Slice Background Banners and PatternsFEATURE

Users can now set the background to be either a pattern on a background banner.

Designer Templates and FeaturesFEATURE

Users are now able to add a set of premade designs into the Designer.

April 2017

Video Uploading and Performance InfrastructureVersion 3.07

Contains a variety of advanced behavior and functionality built on top of the framework created in the previous releases.

Video UploadingFEATURE

Users now have the ability to upload videos directly into a page or to link videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other online media sources. To see the full list of supported media sites, see Media.

Performance InfrastructureFEATURE

Implemented a variety of new infrastructure improvements.

December 2016

Template and Designer Client FrameworkVersion 3.06

Created client-side command framework to control actions originating from the Designer. Various improvements to the Designer.

August 2016

Designer FixesVersion 3.05

Released a variety of fixes and updates the increase the stability of the Designer.

July 2016

Designer FrameworkVersion 3.04

Implemented several new toolbar items and fixed a variety of bugs.

Adjust PaddingFEATURE

Added the ability to adjust the padding of a slice using a popup.

June 2016

Designer SlicesVersion 3.03

Implemented the Designer Slice control, used to layout a page.

May 2016

Design FrameworkVersion 3.02

This version finalized the design constructs in preparation for use by the designer.

List CreatorFEATURE

Added a button in the Designer that allows for the creation of ordered and unordered lists.

Page Load PerformanceFEATURE

Substantially reduced the amount of time it takes to load a page.

April 2016

Performance ImprovementsVersion 3.01

Fixed a variety of performance issues.

February 2016

Multiple SitesVersion 3.00

Ability for customers to create a new space and customize its content.

Splash PageFEATURE

Created the splash page for the root space.

Space CreationFEATURE

Created the ability for people to create their own space.

December 2015

PilotVersion 2.00

Initial release of the content management framework designed to gather feedback from a single organization.

Profile and Account ManagementFEATURE

Created the ability for individual users to manage their profile and account on the dashboard.

Member ManagementFEATURE

Added the member management functionality.

Free and Paid TicketsFEATURE

Added the ability to create paid and unpaid tickets in events.

Dashboard AdaptivityFEATURE

Improved the mobile view of the Dashboard.

March 2015

FrameworkVersion 1.00

Initial scoping and design of framework using existing platforms.