Member.buzz is the premier platform for membership-based organizations. Our team has spent years taking part in and leading clubs, foundations, and communities; allowing us to create a platform based on our deep understanding of the needs of our users.


Do More

We are more than just a repackaging of existing tools; our platform offers out-of-the-box functionality never seen before.


Easy to Learn

Whether you are a Member or a Organizer, our platform is easy to learn, and fun to use.


Simple and Professional

We do away with the traditional clutter and complications associated with online organizations so that you can stay focused on what matters most to you and your members.


Consistent Functionality

We put all of the tools you need to succeed in one place. Whether you are creating an Event or managing a Member, you will find a familiar, consistent User Interface.


Relevant, Contextual Information

We give Organizers the tools they need to effectively communicate with members, as well as the data they want to see about the group’s performance.